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十全大补汤(130g)Perfect Ten Soup

基本介绍 Basic Introduction


注意:孕妇、感冒风寒者不适合服用十全大补汤 。


The Perfect Ten Replenishing Soup is made by adding ten traditional Chinese medicines with fresh ingredients and simmering it over a low fire. It is not only a salty and umami soup, but also a medicated diet, rich in nutrition and effectively helps nourishing the body. Nourishing qi and blood is the main effect of The Perfect Ten Replenishing Soup, which is suitable for patients with deficiency of both qi and blood.  

Note: Pregnant women and those with colds and flu are not suitable for taking The Perfect Ten Replenishing Soup

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成分 Ingredients


Sulphur-free Codonopsis, Atractylodes macrocephala, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Roasted Licorice, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Rehmannia, Poria, Cinnamon, Bei Qi.

煮法 Cooking Method



Each packet can be cooked in a pot for 2 adults & 1 child to drink for 2 meals. First, clean the meat and ingredients and put them in a large pot, then add water and boil over a strong fire. After boiling, turn to low heat and cook for 1-2 hours. Salt and MSG can be used for seasoning before serving.

Vegetarians may use ingredients such as mushrooms, corns etc.

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