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Pure Dendrobium Powder 纯铁皮石斛粉

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Introduction 基本介绍 

Dendrobium officinale is a special plant with ornamental value and medicinal value. It has a great role in medicinal use and is valued by the medical community.


Preservation Method 保存方法 

2 years expiry. Store in a refrigerator to achieve fresh-keeping effect, avoid exposure to the sun.


Consumption 服用方法 

Take 2 capsules in the morning and another 2 in the evening, taking before or after meals are both fine. (Capsules)

Take 1 teaspoon in the morning and another 1 in the evening, taking before or after meals are both fine. (Powder)

每日早上服用2颗,傍晚再2颗,饭前饭后服用皆宜 (胶囊)。


Benefits 功效 

Disclaimer: This product is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The effects of this product are based on traditional Chinese medicine books for product promotion purposes. The actual effects of the product will vary depending on the individual's physique.

  • Enhance immune function. Dendrobium has the function of nourishing yin and nourishing blood. It is rich in polysaccharides and has the effect of enhancing immune function. 

  • Promote digestion. Dendrobium is beneficial to stomach and promotes body fluid. It is a commonly used herb to improve epigastric pain and upper abdominal pain.

  • Protect the liver and choleretics. Dendrobium has a good choleretic effect. Doctors of the past dynasties believed that "Dendrobium" has the effect of nourishing liver yin, and is an essential medicine for the treatment of various hepatobiliary diseases. It can be used to treat hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones and other hepatobiliary diseases.

  • Anti-rheumatic. After a person enters middle age, Yin and Jin begin to weaken, and the function of muscles and bones gradually declines. Dendrobium can nourish Yin fluid and lubricate joints, thereby achieving the effect of strengthening muscles and bones, fluent joints, and enhancing anti-rheumatic effects.

  • Protect eyesight. Dendrobium has the function of nourishing yin, and has been regarded as a good product for eye care by doctors in the past dynasties.

  • Nourishes the skin. After the human body enters middle age, the yin fluid in the body is gradually reduced, which accelerates the aging of the skin, making it black or wrinkled. The mucus contained in Dendrobium has a nourishing effect on human skin.

  • Anti-aging "Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing" lists Dendrobium as a medicine with longevity effect. Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that Dendrobium contains a variety of trace elements, which are closely related to the health and longevity of the human body, and its anti-aging effect on the human body is broader and more comprehensive than ordinary drugs.


  • 增强免疫功能铁皮石斛具有滋阴养血的功能。含有丰富的多糖类物质,具有增强免疫功能的作用。现代药理研究还表明:铁皮石斛能提高应激能力,具有良好的抗疲劳、耐缺氧作用。

  • 促进消化 。铁皮石斛是益胃生津药。是治疗胃脘痛、上腹涨痛的常用药物。现代医学实验证实:铁皮石斛对脾胃病中常见的致病菌幽门螺杆菌有较好的抑制作用,有助于治疗萎缩性胃炎、浅表性胃炎、十二指肠溃疡等幽门螺杆菌阳性的病症;同时,口服铁皮石斛煎液能够促进胃液的分泌,增强胃的排空能力,帮助消化。 

  • 护肝利胆 。铁皮石斛有较好的利胆作用。历代医家都认为“铁皮石斛”具有滋养肝阴的作用,是治疗各种肝胆病的要药,可用于治疗肝炎、胆囊炎、胆结石等肝胆疾病。 

  • 抗风湿 。人进入中年以后,阴津开始衰弱,筋骨功能逐渐减退,铁皮石斛能够滋养阴液、润滑关节,从而达到强筋健骨、流利关节、增强抗风湿的效果;

  • 保护视力石斛具有滋阴养目的功能,被历代医家作为养护眼睛的佳品。现代药理学研究证实:石斛对防治老年白内障和保护少儿视力有明显效果。 

  • 滋养肌肤人体进入中年后,由于体内的阴液日益减少,从而加速了皮肤老化,使之变黑或变皱。铁皮石斛含有的黏液质,对人体皮肤有滋润营养作用。 

  • 抗衰老《神农本草经》将铁皮石斛列为具有“轻身延年”作用的圣药。现代药理学研究证实:铁皮石斛含有多种微量元素,对于人体的健康长寿有着密切的关系,对人体的抗衰老作用比一般的药物更广泛、更全面。  

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