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Pure Panax Notoginseng Powder 纯田七粉

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Introduction 基本介绍 

Tian Qi is also called Sanqi. Tianqi powder is the rhizome product of the plant Panax pseudo-ginseng (scientific name: Panax pseudo-ginseng), which is made from the main root of Panax pseudo-ginseng. It is warm in nature with sweet and slightly bitter in taste.

田七也称三七。田七粉是植物三七(学名:Panax pseudo-ginseng)的根茎制品,是用三七主根打成的粉。别名田七粉,金不换。性温,味甘微苦,入肝、胃、大肠经。又称北人参,南三七。人参补气第一,三七补血第一。 

Suitable For 适合人士

People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is also suitable for people with insufficient qi, feeling tired often and poor immunity


Not Suitable For 禁忌人士 

People with low blood pressure, anemia, and pregnant women. It is also not suitable to take it during menstruation and during fever and cold.


Consumption 服用方法 

Take 2 capsules in the morning and another 2 in the evening, taking before or after meals are both fine. (Capsules)

Take 1 teaspoon in the morning and another 1 in the evening, taking before or after meals are both fine. (Powder)

每日早上服用2颗,傍晚再2颗,饭前饭后服用皆宜 (胶囊)。


Preservation Method 保存方法 

2 years expiry. Store in a refrigerator to achieve fresh-keeping effect, avoid exposure to the sun.


Benefits 功效 

Disclaimer: This product is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The effects of this product are based on traditional Chinese medicine books for product promotion purposes. The actual effects of the product will vary depending on the individual's physique.

  • Dispel blood stasis and relieve pain. The ingredients of Panax notoginseng powder are the same as the main root of Panax notoginseng. It is rich in notoginseng saponins, notoginseng polysaccharides, notoginseng elements, and flavonoids. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and pain, nourishing and strengthening, anti-fatigue, anti-anoxia, anti-aging, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, and improving the body's immune function.

  • Stops bleeding. Panax notoginseng is known as "the miraculous herb for hemostasis", which stops bleeding without leaving blood stasis, which is suitable for people with bleeding and stasis issues.

  • Protects liver, prevent cardiovascular disease, etc. It can be used to expand blood vessels, dissolve thrombus, improve microcirculation, prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hyperlipidemia, elevated cholesterol, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage; fatty liver, liver fibrosis and other liver diseases.



  • 散瘀、定痛。三七粉的成分和三七主根一样,富含三七皂苷、三七多糖、三七素、黄酮有效成分,具有活血化瘀、消肿定痛、滋补强壮、抗疲劳、耐缺氧、抗衰老、降血脂、降血糖、提高机体免疫功能等作用。

  • 止血。作为云南白药的主要成分,三七有“止血神药”之称,散瘀血,止血而不留瘀,对出血兼有瘀滞者更为适宜。三七具有较强的止血作用,对不同动物,不同给药途径,不同制剂,均显示明显止血作用。

  • 保肝、预防心血管疾病等。可用于扩张血管,溶解血栓,改善微循环,预防和治疗高血脂、胆固醇增高、冠心病、心绞痛、脑溢血后遗症等心脑血管疾病;脂肪肝、肝纤维化等肝病。
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