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American Ginseng Notoginseng Salvia Miltiorrhiza Capsules 泡参田七丹参丸 磨粉入胶囊 (100pcs)

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Introduction 基本介绍 

American ginseng + Panax notoginseng + Salvia miltiorrhiza are collectively called The Three Treasures of Health and the herbs are ground into ultrafine powder by using nano ultrafine powder technology and put into capsules.

Note: The herb capsules are not kept in stock

We need to wait for the customer to place the order before we grind the herbs into powder and put it into capsules. Therefore, after the customer places an order, please give us 1 business day to process your order. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Each bottle contains 100 pieces of capsules with a weight of 375mg (0.375g) per capsule.




每瓶拥有100颗胶囊,每颗胶囊的重量为375毫克 (0.375克)。

Suitable For 适合人士 

People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is also suitable for people with insufficient qi, people who often feel tired, and poor immunity


Not Suitable For 禁忌人士 

People with low blood pressure, anemia and pregnant women should not take it. It is not suitable to take it during menstruation and during fever and cold.


Consumption 服用方法 

Take 2 capsules in the morning and another 2 in the evening, taking before or after meals are both fine.


Preservation Method 保存方法 

2 years expiry. Store in a refrigerator to achieve fresh-keeping effect, avoid exposure to the sun.


Benefits 功效 

Disclaimer: This product is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The effects of this product are based on traditional Chinese medicine books for product promotion purposes. The actual effects of the product will vary depending on the individual's physique.

American ginseng

  • Enhance the function of the central nervous system. The saponins in American ginseng can effectively enhance central nervous system function, achieve the purpose of calming mind, enhancing memory, eliminating fatigue, etc. It is suitable for people with insomnia, irritability, memory decline, and Alzheimer's.

  • Improve immunity. American ginseng is the first-choice herb for invigorating qi and health. It can help promote the synthesis of serum protein, bone marrow protein, organ protein, etc., and can effectively improve the body's immunity.

  • Invigorate lungs and cooling body. American ginseng is cold in nature and has the effects of nourishing the lungs and cooling our body.

Panax notoginseng

  • Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Promote blood cell metabolism, balance and regulate blood cells.

  • Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Expand and dredge blood vessels, improve microcirculation, increase blood flow, inhibit arteriosclerosis, prevent and treat ischemia and hypoxia of heart and brain tissue.

  • Protect the liver and anti-inflammatory. The main active ingredient for anti-inflammatory is saponins, mainly ginsengdiol saponins.

Salvia miltiorrhiza

  • Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Promote blood cell metabolism, balance and regulate blood cells.

  • Pass menstruation and relieve pain. Salvia miltiorrhiza can promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis and relieve the pain of menstruation. It is an essential medicine for blood stasis syndrome. It can be compatible with different Chinese medicines to treat diseases such as stasis of the heart, gall accumulation and so on.

  • Calms the mind. Salvia miltiorrhiza has the effect of soothing the nerves. It can be compatible with different Chinese medicines to treat disorders such as upset and insomnia.



  • 增强中枢神经系统功能西洋参中的皂甙可以有效增强中枢神经功能,达到静心凝神、增强记忆力、消除疲劳等目的,适用于失眠、烦躁、记忆力衰退者及老年痴呆等人群。

  • 提高免疫力西洋参是补气保健的首选药材,能够帮助促进血清蛋白、骨髓蛋白、器官蛋白等的合成,能有效提高机体免疫力。

  • 补肺降火西洋参性寒,归心、肺、肾经,具有补肺、去火的功效。 


  • 活血化瘀促进血液细胞新陈代谢,平衡调节血液细胞。

  • 预防心脑血管疾病扩张与疏通血管,改善微循环,增加血流量,抑制动脉硬化,预防和治疗心脑组织缺血、缺氧症。

  • 保肝、抗炎抗炎的主要有效成分为皂苷,以人参二醇皂苷为主。 


  • 活血祛瘀丹参苦泄,归心肝经,主入血分,功善活血化瘀,去瘀生新。配伍不同中药对于血性补偿、淤血阻滞的患者有一定的疗效。

  • 通经止痛丹参入心肝血分,性善通行,能活血化瘀,通经之痛,为血瘀证之要药。可配伍不同中药治疗瘀阻心脉,癓瘕积聚等病症。

  • 清心除烦丹参性寒入心经,有清心凉血,除烦安神之功。可配伍相不同中药可治疗心烦不眠等病症。

  • 凉血消痈丹参性寒如血分,既能凉血活血,又能散瘀消痈,可配伍其他中药主要治疗凉血消痈等病症。
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